Chateau Lynch Bages 1984 Pauillac Grand Cru Classé

Another bottle opened in December 2012 was well past its 'sell-by date' and had oxidised to the point of undrinkability. But this bottle was still drinking well, with good body and balanced acidity. Although the fruit was drying out a bit, there was still a little light tannin and great complexity on both nose and palate. Hints of leather, cigar boxes and dried fruit on the nose, with an almost indescribable palate of 'old good Bordeaux' which is instantly recognised once experienced.

Chateau Lynch Bages is the all-time favourite of the Society's chairman Richard Esling. Although 1984 was a lesser vintage, it proves just how good the wine-making is at this chateau, that bottles can still be enjoyable after 28 years.